Rave reviews from the music press

Musical instrument and musician magazines and websites reviewed the pok footswitch and found one of the hottest new tools for musicians and recording engineers. Find out what they have to say by clicking on the titles and logos below.

American Songwriter
Streamlined and exceptionally functional . . .

Harmony Central
This is a creative, useful, hip accessory — two thumbs up.

Take your workstation to the next step.

Music Connection
Pok is a winner with everyone.

Plenty of people are going to get a lot of mileage out of this . . .

Performing Songwriter
A big hit at the NAMM show.

Apple Pro Audio
One of those “why didn’t they think of it sooner” inventions.

Macsimum Awards
You wear a lot of hats engineer, producer, songwriter, musician.

Electronic Musician
The pok could quickly become an invaluable tool . . .

Home Studio Tips
I was instantly in love with this controller.

Worship Musician Magazine
This thing is incredible!

Interactive Worship Live
This foot controller is very cool!