wireless DAW foot controller

Made in USA

Item # PS-100-M

Hands-free, wireless remote control of your workstation.

Color: Moonrock Blue.

Free shipping to mainland U.S.A.

An innovative combination of pedalboard and DAW control surface technology, the pok adds new freedom in your solo studio as well as in your stage performance.

Remote control
Run your sessions from a sound iso booth, from another room or from stage.

Free hands
Control your DAW computer keyboard with your feet, leaving your hands free for playing.

You can conveniently place the pok up to 100 feet away from the DAW without cabling.

Each button can store 3 commands which are triggered by a single-press, double-press or fn-press. The Editor software makes it easy to add, remove or re-assign button functions to suit your preferences. You can store different function profiles to disk and recall as needed.
If you need more button commands, or you want to control more than one application, you can use pok Switcher (included).

Works with your computer's command (shortcut) key bindings and is compatible with most Mac and Windows-based DAW software. The pok ships with Pro Tools as its default profile - ready to use in minutes right out of the box.




Overall Dimensions...
Wireless Communication...
Wireless Range...
LED Indicators...

Number of Buttons...
Button Actions...

Function Capacity...

Power Source...




Moonrock Blue
12.2" (L) x 7.1" (W) x 2.7" (H)
2.6 lbs.
2.4 GHz wireless USB.
Works up to 100 ft.
Button-press activity, Battery Warning and Signal Strength.
7 Buttons with Single-Press, Double-Press and Fn-Press, 1 Button with Single-Press and Double-Press and Fn.
22 unique functions per profile.
Up to 4 profiles may be loaded and 4 installed applications may be triggered remotely using Switcher option.
4.5V (3 x "AA" batteries). Low power
consumption design ensures long lasting
battery power.
X-Tempo pok Editor and pok Switcher for
2 years manufacturer warranty.





Application Software...

PC with Apple OS 10.4 or later, or Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7.

Any available USB port, whether internal or on a USB hub. USB ports on the computer keyboard are excluded.

Any digital audio workstation application that uses command (shortcut) keys.
Most DAW software is supported, including Ableton Live™, Cubase™, Digital Performer™, GarageBand™, Logic™, Nuendo™, Pro Tools™, Record™, Sonar and others.


* Specifications subject to change to allow for
  improvements and modofications.