pok press reviews

What is the pok?

The pok is a wireless foot controller with which you can control the software on your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Its wireless range allows you to use the pok up to 100 feet away from your DAW with no cabling.

Rugged in construction, really simple to setup and easy to use, the pok gives you remote foot-control of your DAW, freeing your hands during your studio or stage performance.

Some DAWs the pok works with:

Ableton Live
Acid Pro
Digital Performer
FL Studio
Pro Tools
Sound Forge
Studio One

Controlling your DAW in the recording studio

Whether you’re working in a major recording complex, or in your own solo recording studio at home, the pok will help you work more easily and increase your production. Because the pok operates your DAW by emulating the keyboard commands in your audio recording software, it is incredibly versatile.

In fact, the pok is compatible with any application that offers keyboard shortcuts, and most recording software does. And with this amazing controller at your feet, you can perform away from the computer (even in another room) without having to continually run to and from the computer keyboard. You can focus on playing!

Controlling your DAW on stage

More and more bands and artists are using Digital Audio Workstations on stage to enhance their show. From just a few additional tracks to a complete backing band, DAWs are an integral part of many shows. However, controlling a DAW on stage becomes problematic, when you need your hands to play your instrument! Not to mention the havoc it wreaks with your stage presence when you constantly need to reach over to your computer keyboard to press buttons.

With the pok, you can set up the computer further away (even offstage) and control it with a user-friendly footswitch. That means you can focus on playing and performing, and yet maintain the full functionality of your DAW.

People are raving about the pok

The list of people who not only use but have come to depend on their pok is growing. Artists like guitarist Joe Satriani, keyboardist Geoff Downes, and drummer Leon “Ndugu” Chancler are fans. Producers and engineers have also eagerly adopted this amazing DAW controller. Like “Doc” Wiley, who has worked with U2, Prince, Ricky Martin Destiny’s Child, and a host of other artists. Or Oliver Leiber, who’s credits include Paula Abdul, Rod Stewart, BB Mak, and many more bands. See why so many musicians, artists, singers, songwriters, engineers and producers rave about the pok, here.

Leading magazines and websites also highly recommend the pok to DAW users. Electronic Musician says “the pok could quickly become an invaluable tool,” while Recording magazine affirms that “there is currently nothing else like it.” Read more reviews here.

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